Web & Mobile Product Professional


All about Online Product Development/Management

  • Mobile 745fee85fc34350f8f1f24b1bfa957a3c65ca5e3dfaaa0e000e67cd12ac3e015

    Technological knowledge in online product

    Full capability in web/mobile product development process, and skills to program basic-functioning web/mobile applications.

  • Ux 4d23b52dce524752b31ee1be66ee86e0257482ebddb343ff875d60cd0f42053a

    Knowledge about UX/UI design

    In-depth studying about user experience design process, vector-components, grid system, and web/mobile application user interface structures.

  • Prototyping 101c579d4cfc7cd4a5ef81237e76539dfda76688c177be740864359d5f4bc424

    Prototyping Capability

    Full skills to create prototype product by using Sketch 3, Photoshop, Ruby on Rails, AWS/Heroku server deployment, and iOS App development by using Xcode/Swift. Photography skill is to make high-res product photos.

  • Data bcd4db1b8c61baecbf2adfb36378657255c147f4f20af85c17d0a8e2f2dd5e9d

    Data Collection/Analysis

    Over 4-years strategy planning experiences with setting-up key index, designing data collection process, analyzing collected data, and delivering meaningful insight.

  • Brand 92921afca9c349cec8b03008511e0a397233f9e8f87d7f98f4f083d910678308

    Branding/Marketing Capability

    In-depth knowledge about brand management, how to manage marketing mix and customer contact points as well as social media marketing practices.

  • And Guts
    to Learn

Professional Careers

Passion for start-up and product management

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Founder at BourbonShake

Canon 8f9273a18d15d66e6ed86a05d1c866c6aaa1b28db8819672b9fb3ff9e53aa140

Corporate Strategy Planner

Canon Korea Consumer Imaging

Amway b429f4f2f5b27e82327ec66154d3eedcde664c4cb3eed96e3fbc948e59433632

Retail Strategy Planner

Amway Korea Ltd

A wide range of experiences in electronic and consumable goods industry. Experience of managing dozens of billion-dollor-bugeted-projects, and one-year of entrepreneurship challenges.


Shooting/Editing high-res photography skills for prototype products

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Andrew YoungHwi Cho

Founder at BourbonShake

Andrew C is a photographer and music enthusiast who enjoys playing musical instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, drums and ukulele. He’s an animal lover who enjoys traveling and exploring the World.